Eleks Software Unveils Tesla Motors App for the Apple Watch

The Tesla Motors Apple Watch app offers four screens that offer control and monitoring capability. (Source: ELEKS)

Ukraine-based ELEKS, a provider of software engineering for global corporations, unveiled its journey in developing a Tesla Motors app for the soon-to-be released Apple watch in April.

Via a blog post, “Apple Watch. Tesla Car. How Far Can We Drive Them?,” Eleks documents the overall challenges in developing an app on the new Apple Watch operating system and what Tesla Motors data is ported into the app. See info below from ELEKS:

  • Main screen. The status screen that gives an overview of the car including battery, temperature, mileage, etc.
  • Controls menu. A pop-up menu with commands that allows opening/closing the car, switching on the headlights and beeping.
  • Charging screen. The car battery life screen that shows details on the battery and charging.
  • Climate screen. The screen that shows the temperature inside the car and allows changing it in different zones of the car.
  • Location screen. The screen that shows where the car is located.
  • Glance screen. The screen that displays information about the car’s condition for Apple Watch Glance.

The developer accessed Tesla data via its web-service API and funnel in that data to the watch app.

Regarding car charging, it looks like you can control the amount of charge, which is a really nice feature with the smartphone app and one I use quite a bit. The app seems to lean a bit on monitoring and, of course, you can’t start the car as you can with the smartphone app.

The company says,”the app perfectly lines up with the concept of smart watches, lets the user access critical information about the car and allows managing it quickly without wasting time on taking out and unlocking the phone.”

The screen shots of the Apple Watch show a pretty elegant product and so is the Tesla Motors app. Snazzy video below.


Grant Gerke: "Grant Gerke wears his Model S on his sleeve and has been writing about Tesla for the last five years on numerous media sites. He has a bias towards plug-in vehicles and also writes about manufacturing software for Automation World magazine in Chicago. Find him at Teslarati
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