LIVESTREAM: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to present Starship update, talk future of humanity

Starship Mk1 is pictured here on September 27th, less than half a day after technicians stacked the prototype's two halves. (Teslarati - Eric Ralph)

SpaceX is set to livestream CEO Elon Musk’s annual Starship-focused presentation around 8 pm EDT (7 pm CDT), September 28, set to occur just hours after employees stacked the Starship Mk1 prototype to its full height.

Musk is expected to reveal updated details on Starship and Super Heavy, a next-generation SpaceX launch vehicle meant to carry cargo and humans to the Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and more.

“Starship will allow us to inhabit other worlds. To make life as we know it multiplanetary” – Elon Musk

Since 2016 Elon Musk has spoken annually at SpaceX facilities presenting his dream of creating a multi-planetary transportation system. Tonight’s presentation from SpaceX’s South Texas production facility will take place on the site where a full-size prototype of the Starship rocket stands.

The Teslarati team is on-site and will be bringing you live coverage of Musk’s update. Stay tuned at @Teslarati.

A livestream of SpaceX’s official Starship update will be available at the link below.

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Jamie Groh: Space Reporter.
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