Lucid takes aim at Tesla Model S with new Air variants starting at $69,900

Credit: Lucid Motors

Lucid has released further details about the pricing of the two foundational models of the Air, its first sedan. The Lucid Air base model will be available from $69,900, and the Lucid Air Touring from $87,500 after U.S. Federal incentives of $7,500.

Lucid told Teslarati that both Air’s variants could be reserved immediately for a refundable $300 fee. Additionally, three years of complimentary charging at all Electrify America charging stations will be included for all owners.

Lucid unveiled the Air in an official online event on September 9th, showing the premiere “Dream” edition and the “Grand Touring” model of the vehicle. The Dream will start at $161,500, and the Grand Touring at around $130,000. Both prices are applicable after tax incentives have been granted.

The base model Air will have 480 horsepower and an EPA-projected 406-mile range rating. Its single-motor powertrain will come with an optional dual-motor, all-wheel-drive configuration, and a 900+ultra-high voltage electrical architecture with DC fast charging capability.

Credit: Lucid Motors
Credit: Lucid Motors
Credit: Lucid Motors

The Touring model will have 620 horsepower and an EPA-projected 406-mile range rating. Also, it will be outfitted with the same 900+ultra-high voltage electrical architecture with DC fast charging capability.

Lucid has been aiming to overtake Tesla in the pursuit of the most prestigious EV brand. Former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson is at the helm of Lucid and holds CEO and CTO titles.

Lucid’s Peter Rawlinson: ‘We are nothing until we’ve got anything into production’

Affordability is a big factor in determining how successful a vehicle will be. However, many initial models start with a hefty price tag when it comes to electric cars. This was the case with Tesla’s first few models: the Roadster and the Model S, which recently was given a price reduction.

These two vehicles effectively acted as a way for Tesla to make money to develop future cars. The Roadster was geared toward celebrities and wealthy business people, and the price tag matched. However, it allowed Tesla to gain enough money to survive until it launched its IPO in 2010.

Lucid is currently maneuvering through the same realm. The Air has more appealing variants with better range and performance specifications available for a higher price, but it also has affordable configurations.

The base Air and the Touring models of the sedan will be in some buyers’ price point when they become available in late 2021. With competitive range ratings, acknowledgeable performance specifications, and a sleek design, Lucid will likely gain some backing with the EV community, especially considering that the company focuses on electric transportation exclusively.

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