Mercedes EQG sightings hint toward potential production readiness

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG - Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes EQG, an electric version of the infamous G-Wagon, is finally nearing production readiness, as evidenced by numerous sitings, information revealed by Mercedes executives, and more.

Many were skeptical when Mercedes officials announced on the 2021 earnings call that its historic G-Class SUV would receive an electric variant by 2024. Would the company have the technology ready in time? Would its production facilities be prepared for the all-new platform? The entire undertaking seemed ambitious. But now, as numerous test vehicles have been spotted, and confirmation from Mercedes has indicated, that timeframe now seems achievable.

Mercedes has confirmed to Teslarati that it is currently working on the EQG, but there are far more reasons to be excited. Over the past weeks, numerous EQG prototypes have been spotted in and around Graz, Austria, where the current G-Class is being produced, likely testing in the treacherous and fridged weather in the location.

But perhaps the best indication of Mercedes’ production readiness comes from the recently started production of the Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean is produced by automotive supplier Magna International at Magna’s Graz, Austria plant. The other product that the factory specializes in is the Mercedes G-Class. Hence, as the factory has transitioned to manufacture Fisker’s first EV, it has also inadvertently prepared for the production of the EQG as well.

But Magna isn’t the only one likely concluding preparation for the Mercedes EQG. Late last year, Teslarati reported on a mysterious order for next-gen EV components from Rheinmetall, a German parts supplier. The parts were revealed to be used for high-voltage charging in an upcoming vehicle platform from an unnamed “premium German automaker.” These components will almost certainly be needed in the forthcoming EQG, which has had bold performance claims since its inception.

As previously revealed in Mercedes’ 2021 earnings call, the EQG is expected to become available in 2024 and will likely be one of the last vehicles to ensure that each Mercedes offering has an electric equivalent. But there is no doubt that the upcoming vehicle will face increasing levels of competition the later it is released. Hopefully, Mercedes can release the next generation of this incredible product line sooner rather than later.

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