Tesla Model S Aftermarket Tuning

As if the many cutting-edge features of the Tesla Model S wasn’t enough, a host of manufactures and vendors are looking to make their mark on an ever growing Tesla Model S aftermarket tuning industry.

Aftermarket Wheels

Give your Tesla Model S the extra WOW factor by dressing it up with a set of aftermarket wheels.  See what these aftermarket wheel manufactures have to offer for your Model S. See more …


Model S Center Console 

An obvious character of the Model S interior is that it lacks a standard transmission, and in its place is a completely flat and storage-less space.  Luckily the people behind Tesla Accessories have produced a beautiful Center Console Insert (CCI) that seamlessly slips into the existing cubby between the front seats. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t know where to put all of our random knick-knacks!

Tesla Motors will also be launching their own Drop-In Center Console sometime in late 2013.

Rear Seat Cup Holders

Protect your precious rear seats from spilled coffee, sippy cups, and other beverages with a set of Rear seat passenger cup holders available through Teslaccessories.com and Tesla Motors.

Also read – PARZ Premium Rear Seat Cup Holders Review


Body Kits

Aftermarket body kits are sure ways to modify and enhance the look of your vehicle, while improving its aerodynamic performance.  As elegant as the Tesla Model S already is, we at Teslarati feel that it deserves slightly more flair to give it that extra super car look!  See more …


Tesla Key Holder aka “FobPockets” 

Are you wondering how in the world you’re supposed to attach a keyring to the factory Model S key fob? Wondering how you can protect the pristine key fob from getting scuffed up?  Read more


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