Rivian community imagines R1S SUV in extreme, off-road all-electric adventure

Rivian's R1S SUV imagined as a serious off-road vehicle. | Credit: Mo Aoun

The growing Rivian community is flexing its imagination more each day while taking the company’s “electric adventure” narrative to heart, and one design-minded member rendered Rivian’s R1S SUV as an extreme, off-road beast.

Graphic artist Mo Aoun added meaty tires with lots of traction to Rivian’s flagship SUV in images shared via LinkedIn, portraying the R1S as both a functional park ranger vehicle and a serious outdoor travel vehicle. The portrayed suspension lift and beefy, solid front and rear axles with robust differentials and heavy duty tie rods clearly invokes a serious off-road theme.

Rivian’s R1S SUV imagined as a serious off-road vehicle. | Credit: Mo Aoun

The tubular steel front bumper with winch housing interprets Rivian’s outdoor narrative as something involving soft ground, steep inclines, and narrow roads. Exo-frames added to the headlights imagine a need for rugged durability, and an oversized safari rack with several trail lights attached as a final touch demonstrate a vehicle intended for just about any adventure imagined.

Rivian’s R1S SUV imagined as a serious off-road vehicle. | Credit: Mo Aoun

Rivian unveiled its all-electric R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV in late 2018, and excitement for delivery of the vehicles has continued to ramp up ever since. The EV startup will be attending the New York International Auto Show later this month, and exclusive invitations for a private viewing of the cars were sent out to reservation holders in a run-up to the event. Recently, invitees were informed that the viewing would be split into two time slots to enable more members of the preorder community to attend, a further nod to the growing interest in Rivian’s coming products.

Along with reservation holder events, Rivian has continued to maintain a social media presence that generates attention and excitement for its brand. The aerodynamic development of the R1T pickup truck was highlighted in a recent behind-the-scenes video, and a cinematic marketing campaign focused on an “electric adventure” put the company’s imagined Rivian lifestyle on display. Rivian’s published patent applications continue to give insight into possible innovative features such as swappable components and battery packs for extended range.

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