Tesla Model S “Rimblade” Wheel Protectors

$64.99 $59.99

Protect your alloy wheels from curb damage and cover up existing marks using easy to fit, self-adhesive alloy wheel protectors. Expertly designed to offer unrivaled performance with good value, rim blades are an easy to install, do it yourself product.


Rimblades are made from an automotive grade modern flexible polymer called a TPV, meaning Thermoplastic Vulcanizate. This has the appearance and feel of rubber. They are designed to be universal fitting and as they appear rubber they are flexible and conform to fit many different wheel rim shapes including those with a lip, but the element of plastic means they are durable and can easily be wiped clean. This great material is not affected by changes in temperature, which makes Rimblades suitable for all countries in the world, no matter the climate.

Rimblades are supplied in a kit for DIY fitment. This kit includes wheel preparation and surface primer wipes to ensure a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface.


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