Tesla Autopilot smoothly identifies and slows down for pedestrian in impressive video

Credit: YouTube | ALL Electric

Tesla’s Autopilot recently showcased its ability to identify and slow down for a pedestrian who was walking across a public street without any intervention from the driver.

YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner ALL Electric displayed his vehicle’s impressive ability to identify and respond to pedestrians on the road. As could be seen in the footage, the Model 3 promptly recognized the pedestrian early on and decelerated naturally to avoid hitting the person.

ALL Electric’s Model 3 was operating under software version 2020.20.12, which first rolled out to Tesla owners earlier this month. The update included updates to the GPS and the addition of several entertainment features, along with minor bug fixes and improvements in overall functionality, as per the company’s release notes.

Tesla Autopilot’s ability to recognize the pedestrian and slow down safely and smoothly was impressive. Still, the distance at which the vehicle was able to identify the man was equally as significant.

ALL Electric’s Model 3 was traveling at a speed of 35 mph while operating on Autopilot. Based on what transpired in the video, it appears that the vehicle was able to spot the man walking in a crosswalk from a considerable distance, allowing the all-electric sedan to slow down with plenty of room to spare.

Credit: YouTube | ALL Electric

Prior to slowing down, the Model 3 was traveling at 34 mph. Upon detecting the pedestrian, the vehicle promptly slowed down to a speed of 19 mph. The Model 3 did not begin to accelerate again until it was clear that the pedestrian had crossed the road. This was shown through Tesla’s Driving Visualization in the Model 3’s infotainment display.

Credit: YouTube | ALL Electric

Tesla’s Driving Visualization feature offers an accurate representation of the bystander walking across the street. The addition of this feature was included with Tesla’s 2020.16.2 software version that became available in mid-May.

While the addition of animated pedestrians may seem like a small update, it does hint toward Tesla’s progress with the training of its neural networks, which helps the electric automaker in its efforts to roll out a feature complete version of its Full Self-Driving suite.

Credit: YouTube | ALL Electric

Ultimately, Tesla’s goal with Autopilot and the FSD suite is to create a safer driving environment for everyone on the road. This includes pedestrians, and the recognition of the man walking across the street indicates that the company’s FSD and Autopilot capabilities are becoming safer with every mile driven.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in 2017. This accounts for one death every 88 minutes. With Tesla Autopilot’s ability to recognize pedestrians at a safe and considerable distance, lives will be saved, and the number of pedestrian deaths will likely decline as more of the company’s vehicles become present on the road.

Watch ALL Electric’s Model 3 slow down for a pedestrian below.

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