Tesla gets perfect equality rating for LGBTQ workers for 6th year in a row

The Tesla Semi at the 2019 Pride Parade in San Francisco, CA. (Photo: SuaveLlave/Twitter)

The Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index has awarded Tesla as one of 2021’s Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality. The award was posted on the HRC’s recently-published Corporate Equality Index 2021, which rates workplaces on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer equality.

The announcement was shared on Tesla’s LinkedIn page, where the electric car maker noted that it is proud to have received a perfect score of 100% in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for six years running.

As noted by the Human Rights Campaign, its metrics for the 2021 Corporate Equality Index involves four criteria: Workforce Protections (30 points); Inclusive Benefits (30 points), Supporting an Inclusive Culture & Corporate Social Responsibility (40 points), and Responsible Citizenship (-25 points for records of anti-LGBTQ practices).

A closer look at each metric shows a focus on dedicated programs that ensure employees of all genders and sexual orientations are treated equally. In the Workforce Protections criteria, for example, companies are rated based on the presence of policies that include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression for all operations. In the Inclusive Benefits criteria, companies are graded based on whether its medical and soft benefits are equal among all genders and sexual orientations.

Supporting an Inclusive Culture & Corporate Social Responsibility requires companies to implement a number of LGBTQ internal training and education programs, as well as outreach efforts to broader the community. Contractors and suppliers must also not face discrimination over their gender identity and/or sexual preference.

Elon Musk’s disdain for the esthetics of pronouns aside, Tesla’s equality programs have met the standards set forth by the Human Rights Campaign, allowing the electric car maker to maintain its position as one of the United States’ best workplaces for the LGBTQ community. This is quite notable for a US-based automaker, considering that veteran carmakers like Ford Motor Co. only received a score of 80 points and General Motors received 90 points in this year’s Corporate Equality Index. Even Berkshire Hathaway, a firm headed by one of the world’s most esteemed philanthropists, scored a dismal 20 points.

The full results of the 2021 Corporate Equality Index could be viewed below.

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