Tesla China launches compelling ICE-to-EV trade-in program

Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Tesla’s order books in China may already be long, as hinted at by the delivery estimates of the locally-made Model 3 and Model Y, but the electric vehicle company is still aggressively pushing to get more customers.  

To get an ever larger share of the local auto market in China, Tesla has launched a campaign that encourages consumers to trade in their internal combustion-powered vehicles for an electric car. Consumers who participate in the program are poised to receive a number of interesting perks. 

Citing an unnamed source from China, the Shanghai Securities Journal has noted that the trade-in program would apply to customers who place orders for Teslas between July 1 and December 31. A vehicle trade-in agreement would also need to be completed before the delivery date. 

Tesla China has listed a number of perks that are waiting for customers willing to trade in their ICE cars to EVs. These include a free 90-day trial of Enhanced Autopilot, a 14-day commute guarantee after replacement, and price protection for 14 days. Tesla China has also noted that it would conduct a free in-home evaluation of a customer’s old vehicle. 

There is a reason why China is the world’s electric vehicle capital. The country has been very vocal about its support for EVs, to the point where it has introduced a series of policies that promote the purchase and use of new energy vehicles (NEVs) like Teslas. As per a source from China, these programs have reportedly resulted in the number of visitors to Tesla stores increasing. 

That being said, Tesla China’s ICE-to-EV trade-in program would likely result in the wait times for the company’s vehicles to be extended even more. As of writing, the wait times for the locally-made Model 3 and Model Y are already substantial. 

The entry-level Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive is currently listed with an estimated delivery date of 16-20 weeks in China, while the Model 3 Performance is listed with an estimated delivery date of 12-16 weeks. The base Model Y has an estimated delivery date of 10-14 weeks, while the Model Y AWD Long Range is listed for 20-24 weeks. The Model Y Performance is listed with an estimated delivery date of 12-16 weeks. 

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