Tesla China highlights its customer service efforts and ratings in new video

(Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter)

Tesla has recently released a video highlighting its efforts to provide excellent after-sales service to its customers in China. The quick video covered several of the company’s customer-oriented initiatives, as well as the ratings that some of its programs have received from Tesla owners thus far. 

Tesla China currently operates a dedicated customer support and virtual service system, which helps owners address inquiries they may have about their vehicles in a timely manner. According to the EV maker, its customer support and virtual service program has so far been to address nearly 90% of customer concerns immediately. This program has achieved 94% positive feedback from electric vehicle owners to date. 

Tesla Mobile Service, which is something that CEO Elon Musk has widely pushed over the years, has also proven extremely popular in China. In its video, Tesla China highlighted that its Mobile Service team is easily contacted, and it is always ready to serve customers regardless of the time or place. The Mobile Service team has achieved stellar ratings from EV owners in China, with the program seeing 99% positive feedback from customers. 

Tesla China highlighted several other customer-oriented services that make the ownership experience better for its drivers. Tesla’s Internal Body Shops, which are capable of addressing vehicle repairs, now have 14 sites across the country, and they are poised to expand in the near future. These should help complement the ongoing expansion of Tesla’s Service Centers, which now number 130 in China. 

Other customer-oriented services mentioned by the EV maker include its free vehicle inspections at select Supercharger stations, a dedicated AC cleaning and filter replacement services, and frequent updates to the Tesla Mobile App. Altogether, these customer-oriented services ensure that Tesla drivers are supported well, allowing them to have an excellent ownership experience. 

Interestingly enough, Tesla China’s recent video received a lot of support from Tesla owners across the globe, many of whom mentioned that they would also like to have the same amount of service in their respective locations. These include Tesla owners in the United States and Europe, some of whom have expressed reservations about the company’s shift into a more impersonal aftersales strategy. Even if the best service is no service, after all, it is still way better to ensure that when service is needed, Tesla is ready to provide it in spades. 

Watch Tesla China’s recent video about its service efforts below. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with news tips. Just send a message to simon@teslarati.com to give us a heads up.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with news tips. Just send a message to simon@teslarati.com to give us a heads up.

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