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Tesla’s new giant Supercharger with 100 stalls confirmed for Harris Ranch

A Tesla Supercharger with 100 stalls has been confirmed for Harris Ranch, CA, one of the company’s most historic charging locations. With over 100 stalls on the site, the Harris Ranch Supercharger is on track to become the world’s largest Tesla charging station to date. 

The Harris Ranch Supercharger has been around for some time. It was the site of Tesla’s first Supercharger, the company’s short-lived battery swap program, and a charger for the original Tesla Roadster Sport. The site features 18 Supercharger stalls today, but if permits filed by Tesla with Fresno County are any indication, a huge expansion would likely be underway soon. 

Credit: @MontrealTesla/Tesla Motors Club

Tesla’s permits point to the new Supercharger stalls being covered with a solar canopy, similar to the Firebaugh Supercharger. Citing information from sources familiar with the matter, recent reports about the site have also noted that the Harris Ranch project will involve at least 80 Supercharger V3 stalls. The cost of the project is expected to be around $1.3 million. 

Harris Ranch itself recently confirmed the massive expansion of the Tesla Supercharger. In a post on its official Instagram page, Harris Ranch stated that the site would consist of more than 100 Supercharger stalls. This makes the location the world’s largest Supercharger by a considerable margin. 

“We are excited to announce that Tesla has applied for the construction of the world’s largest Supercharger, which could consist of more than 100 stalls, and will be located right here at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California,” Harris Ranch wrote. 

The Harris Ranch expansion is the latest large Supercharger project that Tesla seems to be pursuing. Over the past months, Tesla has been building large Supercharger Stations, including the planned 62-stall Santa Monica Supercharger V3 site. These Superchargers would be crucial in supporting Tesla’s growing fleet, which will likely only get bigger this year with the ramp of the Model Y. 

Interestingly enough, the Harris Ranch site is also home to a truck lot, which has inspired speculations that the area might also be used to house some Megachargers, which would be used to charge the Tesla Semi. Considering that the Tesla Semi is expected to enter limited production this year, a few Megachargers in some key Supercharger locations would definitely make sense. 

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