Tesla sends out Giga Berlin invitations, Minister slams water association over consumption concerns

Giga Berlin's new graffiti panels as of early FebruGiga Berlin's new graffiti panels as of early February 2022. (Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter)ary 2022. (Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter)

Tesla has started sending out invites for a Model Y delivery event at Gigafactory Berlin on March 22, 2022. The event will begin at 3 p.m. local time. 

With Tesla securing its final environmental approval last week, all eyes are now on the company and how quickly it could meet the more than 400 ancillary provisions that are needed for Giga Berlin to formally start Model Y production. 

Giga Berlin has been conducting trial production runs for the Model Y over the past months, but those vehicles were not allowed to be sold to consumers. To date, Tesla has produced over 1,000 pre-production Model Y units. 

Considering that Tesla is now sending out invites for a Model Y delivery event for the 22nd, expectations are high that the company’s efforts to meet the more than 400 ancillary provisions for the facility are progressing well. Preparations are also likely underway for the event, which is expected to be attended by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

Previous reports have noted that Brandenburg Police are making the necessary preparations for the Model Y delivery event. However, the press and public relations team of the Brandenburg Police told Teslarati that they are handling the upcoming ceremony at Gigafactory Berlin like a normal event. It should be noted that Tesla will still be required to follow the region’s health and safety protocols during the occasion. 

Other updates about Gigafactory Berlin’s Model Y delivery event will be posted on Teslarati as information gets confirmed. 

Amidst the excitement of Giga Berlin’s upcoming opening ceremony, Brandenburg’s Environment Minister Axel Vogel recently spoke out about the concerns of the Straußberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE), which has expressed concerns about the water consumption of the electric vehicle factory. 

Despite the WSE’s stance and the supplier’s suggestion that Giga Berlin’s water may be in danger, Vogel noted that “The Tesla launch is secured.” “The WSE has enough buffers to provide for the population and to comply with its contracts,” he added.

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