Tesla Giga Berlin critic finally drops lawsuit over high costs

Gigafactory Berlin (Credit: Tesla)

One of Tesla Giga Berlin’s critics decided to drop its lawsuit against the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court for granting a provisional building permit to the US automaker. 

Earlier this month, the latest complaint of Gigafactory Berlin’s most prominent critics—the Green League and the Brandenburg Nature Protection Association (NABU)—were rejected by the higher court. After the decision, the two environmental associations weighed if it was worth pursuing the lawsuit further and bringing it before the Federal Constitutional Court. 

Recently, NABU decided that the cost of pursuing the Tesla Giga Berlin lawsuit was too high with little chance of success. According to Business Insider, the costs and benefits of pursuing the lawsuit were labeled as mismatched by NABU, considering that environmental associations have limited financial opportunities. 

It is unclear if the Green League will still bring the lawsuit to the Federal Constitutional Court without NABU. The Green League might come to the same conclusion as its fellow environmental association. The lawsuit’s chances of success might have dropped with NABU refraining from the case. 

NABU dropping the lawsuit supports the idea that opposition against Tesla Giga Berlin is declining. Brandenburg’s Environment Committee received far fewer objections against Tesla’s latest plans for Gigafactory Berlin, from 373 objections last year to only 44 this August. 

The decline in objections hints that people in Giga Berlin’s surrounding community may be starting to warm up to Tesla and its factory. Giga Berlin will start production with Tesla’s popular Model Y crossover. Tesla kicked off Model Y deliveries in Europe this quarter with exports from Giga Shanghai 

Model Y reservation holders in Europe will receive vehicles from Giga Berlin once it starts production, but Tesla’s permits must be approved first.

Recently, Armin Laschet, the frontrunner to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s Chancellor, visited Giga Berlin and seemed to think highly of the project. 

“We all experience how difficult it is at the moment, how many protests there are,” Laschet noted, speaking about Tesla’s Berlin factory. “But such a decision, if it had passed Brandenburg by, would have been a loss for decades.”

After meeting with Elon Musk and visiting Giga Berlin, Laschet agreed with the Tesla CEO. “We have to accelerate planning and approval procedures,” he tweeted. 

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