Tesla’s ‘Infotainment Upgrade’ for Model S and Model X will add Netflix, YouTube after MCU update

Tesla Model S and Model X owners on the first-generation Media Control Unit (MCU1) can now upgrade to MCU2 hardware through a new Infotainment Upgrade offering.

Owners of Model S and Model X built March 2018 or earlier will be eligible to purchase the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade at $2,500, which will enable access to additional in-car entertainment from YouTube, Netflix, expanded Tesla Arcade games, and additional video streaming services.

In addition, the sluggish Model S and Model X user experience often synonymous with MCU1-equipped vehicles will experience a more responsive and faster touchscreen interface like Model 3. The one caveat to the Infotainment Upgrade is the loss of AM/FM radio and Sirius XM radio, notes Tesla in a blog post about the new entertainment-focused hardware upgrade.

Similar to other Tesla hardware upgrades such as the popular Model 3 HW2.5 to HW3 upgrade, eligible Model S and Model X owners will be invited by email to schedule a time for purchase and installation of the Infotainment Upgrade through a local Tesla Service Center.

Owners will not be able to make requests for purchasing the upgrade and must wait to be notified, although Tesla notes that owners that have already purchased the Full Self Driving Capability will be given early access to the Infotainment Upgrade.

The Infotainment Upgrade for Model S and Model X is available for $2,500 and includes installation. Owners will also need to have subscribed to Tesla’s Premium Connectivity service to be able to take advantage of video streaming services.

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