Tesla looks to grow its certified Solar Roof installation partners

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Back in December, Tesla confirmed that its energy business had completed over half a million installations of solar panels and Solar Roof systems. This was a notable milestone, equal to ~4 GW of clean energy, but Tesla is not done, as its energy products like the Solar Roof are yet to see a ramp comparable to the company’s electric vehicles. 

To help ramp its Solar Roof installations, Tesla needs people to install them. And while the company is growing its own Solar Roof installation teams, Tesla has also partnered with certified installers to serve areas that it cannot accommodate for now. In the company’s recent 10-k filing, Tesla highlighted the need for more personnel as the Solar Roof ramp continues. 

“We continue to seek to improve our installation capabilities and price efficiencies for Solar Roof. As these product lines grow, we will have to maintain adequate battery cell supply for our energy storage products and hire additional personnel, particularly skilled electricians, to support the ramp of Solar Roof,” Tesla noted in its recent 10-K filing. 

Seemingly in support of this initiative, Tesla has posted an invitation to those interested in becoming Solar Roof certified installers. As noted by the company, it has already partnered with over 85 companies across the United States to bring the Solar Roof to their respective communities. 

“Help us accelerate the transition to sustainable energy by getting certified to install Solar Roof. We’re already partnering with 85+ companies across the US through our Solar Roof Certified Installer program,” Tesla wrote in a Twitter post.

The Tesla Solar Roof is the company’s flagship residential solar product. The company dubs it as a “premium and durable glass roof tile that has integrated solar technology and can power a home with 100% renewable energy.” While Solar Roof tiles function like traditional solar panels, they have the advantage of being designed in such a way that they maintain the aesthetic of a home. 

They are also quite durable. Kelly Roofing, a certified installer of Solar Roof systems, noted last year that the Tesla roof of one of its customers from Naples, FL was able to withstand 155 mph winds and a storm surge without needing any replacement tiles after. “It really held up well and we have heard from several more clients with similar experiences. One customer made coffee for the block as the storm went through and everyone else was without power,” the roofing company noted

Those interested in becoming a certified Tesla Solar Roof installer can click here.

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