Tesla Introduces ‘Launch Mode’ for Quicker Acceleration (Video)

If being one of the fastest accelerating cars on the planet wasn’t already enough, Tesla has just rolled out a new Firmware 7.0 update called ‘Launch Mode’ that helps Performance Model S owners accelerate as quickly as possible from a standstill.

Launch Mode also known as Launch Control commonly found on high performance supercars and exotics, uses computerized control of the vehicle during hard acceleration from a stop, to minimize wheel spin, maximize traction, and optimize power off the line, as a way to ensure the fastest possible acceleration from a dead stop.

According to the Firmware 7.0 (2.9.40) release notes, engaging Launch Mode requires a sequence of driver initiated steps as follows:

How-to Enable Launch Mode

  • Enable Max Battery Power mode via the link in Controls > Driving > ACCELERATION
  • Fully press the brake pedal with your left foot and hold firmly.
  • Fully press the accelerator pedal with your right foot, then release while continuing to hold the brake. The Instrument Panel will display the message “Launch Mode Enabled”.
  • After this messages appears, fully press the accelerator pedal again. Then release the brake to launch within 4 seconds.

Source: Mike Burrows via YouTube

It’s not clear at the time of this publish whether or not Launch Mode will reduce 0-60 and quarter mile times, but chatter within the Tesla community tend to speculate that the new feature will “pre-load” torque thereby improving immediate off-the-line acceleration when the brake pedal is lifted. Whatever the case may be, we’re waiting with anticipation to see the next generation of Tesla drag racing videos to come.


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