Tesla Model 3, Model Y with AMD-powered MCU3 starts deliveries in North America

Tesla has started producing and delivering Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with AMD-powered MCU3 infotainment systems in North America. 

In November, Tesla Giga Shanghai kicked off Tesla Model Y Performance deliveries. The Made-in-China (MIC) Model Y Performance was equipped with an AMD Ryzen graphics chip, which new owners happily showcased on social media.

Besides the Ryzen chip, MIC Model Y Performance owners also revealed that their vehicles were equipped with a 12V lithium-ion battery like the Model S Plaid.

Teslascope posted photos on Twitter that suggested the latest Model 3 and Model Y deliveries are also equipped with AMD Ryzen chips. The new Tesla vehicles also have 12V batteries that are clearly labeled lithium-ion, meaning the company made the switch in Model 3s and Model Ys sold in North America as well. The new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles also feature a little notch that houses the front camera. 

The photos shared on social media were of a car built on December 21, 2021, hinting that Tesla recently started equipping Model 3s and Model Ys with its newest infotainment system. The VIN of the vehicle with the upgrade began with 139xxx. Some owners with VINS in the 137s reported seeing no AMD Ryzen chip or other upgrades to their cars.  

There are some advantages offered by the company’s new MCU unit. Thanks to its AMD-powered components, users could expect a much smoother user experience. Apps such as Netflix and YouTube should also work better, almost similar to that of premium smartphones in the market.

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