Tesla Model Y deliveries expected to start in NZ later this week as more cars arrive in Australia

(Credit: Tesla)

A few Tesla reservation holders from New Zealand have told Teslarati that they expect to accept their Model Y deliveries later this week. 

Teslarati readers informed us that Model Y and Model 3 units have arrived in New Zealand. Brendan Mckee spotted Model Y and Model 3 cars arriving at the port in Wellington. Another reader, David, saw car carriers loaded with Model Y and Model 3 cars in Auckland. 

YouTubers Dhruv and Mona from the EV Kiwis channel told us they’re picking up their Model Y from a Tesla delivery center in Auckland on Friday. Teslarati reader Tim, from New Zealand, shared that he’s picking up his grey ‘standard motor’ Model Y order next Tuesday. And George from Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand, said his Model Y delivery date “keeps sliding keeps sliding but apparently still before the 16th [of August].”

Tesla Model Y deliveries in Australia

As it did for Australia, Tesla will probably share pictures of the first Model Y deliveries in New Zealand. Like most people expected, Model Y deliveries in Australia kicked off on August 5. 

More Model Y and Model 3 units arrived in Australia recently in the Morning Crystal. The ship arrived at Port Kembla. 

Are you in New Zealand and receiving your Model Y soon? I’d like to hear about your Model Y experience. Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

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