Livestream of Tesla Model Y teardown is coming from industry expert Sandy Munro

Tesla Model Y Performance with high performance red brakes (Photo: Arash Malek @MinimalDuck via Twitter)

The Tesla Model Y will undergo a full teardown on Livestream by automotive industry veteran Sandy Munro, beginning April 2.

Munro made the revelation in an episode of E for Electric on YouTube, while offering his personal anecdotes about the auto industry’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, the automotive veteran did not have high hopes on taking delivery of a Model Y, after being told that the car would not arrive. However, just hours later, the sentiment changed.

“At 6 in the morning, I was told we won’t be getting a car. And then, it’s 10 o’clock, and they said ‘Do you want an opened truck or closed truck for shipping?’ and, so it’s on the way,” Munro said with a smile on his face.

Munro’s vehicle teardowns have been a valuable tool for competitive analysis by automotive industry experts. His first teardown of a Tesla drew heavy criticism after he called Model 3’s build quality a “miserable job.” However, in a subsequent analysis of the teardown, Munro discovered Tesla’s ability to maintain an impressive 30% profit margin on the Model 3, which stood significantly higher than the other electric vehicles on the market.

Munro and Associates’ Livestream of the Model Y teardown will begin on April 2, while the rapid disassembly will take place on April 6, at The idea for a live teardown came from company President Corey Steuben, when brainstorming ways to launch the new MunroLive website. “We’ll talk about what we found, and what we’re excited about,” notes Munro.

Watch Sandy Munro’s interview with E for Electric’s Alex Guberman below.

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