Tesla Model Y Standard Range with 4680 cells offered to customers near Giga Texas

Credit: Jeff Roberts

Tesla sent out emails to reservation holders near Giga Texas, giving them the option to change their order to the new Model Y All Wheel Drive. The Model Y AWD variant is the first to feature Tesla’s structural battery pack and 4680 cells. 

Tesla customer @mmsganesh shared a sample of the email reservation holders are receiving from the company. Tesla shared that deliveries for the latest Model Y configuration are weeks away in the email. 

“Select Model Y All-Wheel Drive and experience one of the first vehicles built at Gigafactory Texas—and currently only available in the area,” noted Tesla.

The new Model Y AWD configuration with Tesla’s 4680 battery cells can go up to 279 on a single charge and accelerate 0-60 in 5.0 seconds. The new variant received an EPA approval in March.

According to Tesla’s inventory, the base five-seater Model Y AWD with 19” Gemini Wheels costs $60,990. It comes with a 1-year Premium Connectivity Trial, Supercharger Network Access + Pay-as-you-go, and Autopilot. 

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