Tesla police fleet is saving taxpayers $80k per year on fuel costs: report

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A fleet of Tesla police cars are proving themselves superior to their combustion-powered counterparts at the town of Bargersville, which is situated south of Indianapolis. As per Police Chief Todd Bertram, the Tesla police vehicles are saving the town a lot of money. 

The town’s fleet of 13 Tesla police cars is saving taxpayers around $80,000 per year in fuel cost savings, the police chief noted. “It’s all about the money. We started the program because I needed two officers,” Bertram said. 

Bargersville started with its first Tesla police car in 2019. Since then, the town has added a dozen more Teslas to its fleet of police vehicles. The police chief noted that going for Teslas was evidently a risk in the beginning, but it has paid off. This was highlighted by the fact that the fuel savings for the Teslas were so notable that the town was able to pay for two more officers, as noted in a WRTV report. 

Clerk Treasurer Dustin Doyle noted that the town’s Teslas were more expensive upfront than the usual Dodge Charger or Ford Crown Victoria units that police typically use. However, the Teslas make up for this difference in fuel savings in less than three years. With this in mind, the Teslas are actually benefitting taxpayers.

“If it benefits the environment, fantastic. But this benefits our taxpayers in the sense that we’re saving money and we’re being fiscally responsible with their money,” Doyle stated. 

The Bargersville police department still operates six combustion-powered vehicles in its fleet, which consume $2,900 in gas every month. In comparison, the 13 Teslas that the police department operates cost about $600 per month to charge. “It’s working, it saves a lot of money,” Bertram noted. 

Officers seem to be fans of the Tesla police cars. Officer Cody St. John, who stands at 6-foot-2, noted that he actually is comfortable in his Tesla Model Y police vehicle. He noted that there was a learning curve involved, but today, he definitely prefers his electric cruiser over a combustion-powered car. 

“I have no issues with it. I fit in this car. Plenty of legroom, plenty of room for everything else. At first it took a little getting used to, but now if I have to get a tire replaced or something like that on this car and I’m in a gas car again, I can’t wait for my car to come back,” he noted. 

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