Tesla owners get access to toolbox feature, taking a step towards right to repair support

(Credit: teslarepairs/Instagram)

Tesla owners were recently given access to their vehicles’ toolbox feature by the EV automaker. This gives Tesla owners access to their vehicles’ diagnostics and some software that could be used to help in repairs. The move seems to be Tesla’s first step towards acting in accordance with calls to support right-to-repair initiatives, as highlighted in a law passed in Massachusetts last month. 

“Some seriously cool and very practical information Esp. for the tinkering types. @Tesla now gives access to repair manuals, service information, vehicle diagnostic (remote EU) and such. For free! I was told it’s not a bug. Seriously step in the right direction!” tweeted Tesla owner-hacker Green

Green shared several ways Tesla owners could access their vehicles’ diagnostics and software for repairs—or tinkering as the hacker put it. Gaining access and the functions available seems to be different for each region. For instance, Tesla owners in Europe seem to be capable of pulling car logs from their vehicles. 

Tesla’s toolbox feature seems to be an initiative that goes in line with right-to-repair laws and its emerging movement in the EV sphere. In November, the state of Massachusetts voted to extend its right-to-repair law, known as Question 1, by an overwhelming 75%-25% margin. 

“Question 1 will prevent the auto industry from re-monopolizing repair broadly,” explained the Executive Director of The Repair Association Gay Gordon-Byrne to VICE. “Even if the language isn’t perfect, the response from consumers is favorable…which should deter the industry from trying to block repair for at least a few more years.”

The law will apply to 2022 models, meaning car companies, like Tesla, will have to start taking measures to comply with it as early as next year with their new vehicle releases. The EV automaker seems to be preparing to comply by giving Tesla owners access to their vehicles’ diagnostics and software for third-party repairs.

Maria Merano: Veteran writer and editor, who believes harmony between tech and nature is achievable. We just need to learn to compromise.
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