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Tesla to be eligible for $7.5B EV charging fund as Senate passes Infrastructure Bill

Tesla is currently making moves that will make it eligible for the $7.5 billion fund in Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure bill allocated to build electric vehicle charging stations. President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, H.R. 3684, passed in the Senate on Tuesday by a 69-30 margin.

“This bill is also going to put IBEW workers — electrical workers — to work installing a truly national network of electric vehicle charging stations that will transform the way we travel and move commerce,” said President Biden during a White House briefing in the East Room.

“And, by the way, around those charging stations, you’ll see — just like around — we put in gas stations in our state highways — you’ll see other industries build up. We have the benefit of significantly reducing pollution from vehicles on our roads,” he noted.

Tesla could be eligible to apply for the bill’s EV infrastructure fund once the Supercharger Network opens to non-Tesla cars.

The bill lists two provisions that companies must meet to qualify for the billion-dollar fund allocated specifically for EV charging stations. First, companies must provide non-proprietary charging connectors that meet industry safety standards. Second, companies must provide open access to payment methods that all members of the public can use.

Before the Senate passed H.R. 3684, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the Supercharger Network would be open to non-Tesla vehicles soon. In the last TSLA earnings call, Musk and other Tesla heads explained how its open Supercharger Network would work.

Musk noted that the Tesla App would be open to non-Tesla owners, providing them with a convenient way to access the Supercharger network. While he believes Tesla uses the best connector for EV charging, Musk also noted that Tesla would offer an EV adaptor for other electric vehicle owners could purchase to use the Supercharger Network.

By opening the Tesla app to other EV owners and an adapter, Tesla could meet the requirements to apply for the Infrastructure Bill’s $7.5 billion fund. “Yeah. Obviously, in order for this to be — for the Supercharger to be useful to other car companies’ cars, we need to grow the network faster than we’re growing vehicle output, which is not easy. We’re growing vehicle output at a hell of a rate. So Superchargers need to grow faster than vehicle output,” noted Elon Musk at the last earnings call.

“This is a lot of work for the Superchargers team, but it is only useful in the grand scheme of things. Just only useful to the public if we’re able to grow faster than Tesla vehicle output. So that is our goal,” he added.

Read the Biden administration’s bipartisan Infrastructure Bill below.

Tesla Supercharger Network 75b Biden Infrastructure Bill by Maria Merano on Scribd

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