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Tesla Vision’s maximum speed for Autosteer raised to 85mph

Tesla Vision’s maximum speed for Autosteer was raised to 85 mph. On May 15, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla would increase the speed of Autopilot. 

Tesla started delivering Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with Tesla Vision, its camera-based Autopilot system, in May 2021. Tesla Vision vehicles have been delivered to the North American market. The system relies entirely on cameras and neural net processing to run Autopilot and Tesla Full Self-Driving, along with some other active safety features. 

When Tesla announced the transition to Tesla Vision, it also stated that some features would temporarily be limited or inactive, such as Autosteer. In January 2022, Autosteer’s maximum speed was limited to 80 mph. Elon Musk shared that Autopilot’s max speed will increase in over-the-air update 10.12

Autosteer’s maximum speed increase hints that Tesla has become more confident in its camera-based system. During the All In Summit tech conference in Miami, Musk noted that Tesla plans to expand its Full Self-Driving pool. 

Currently, 100,000 drivers are participating in the FSD Beta program. Tesla is thinking of expanding the program to 1 million Beta testers by the end of 2022. 

“There’s about 100,000 people in the beta, so it’s not tiny,” Musk said during the tech conference, “and we’ll be expanding that to, I don’t know, probably one million people, on that order by the end of the year.”

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