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"I write about technology and the coming zero emissions revolution."

"Rob's passion is technology and gadgets. An engineer by profession and an executive and founder at several high tech startups Rob has a unique view on technology and some strong opinions. When he's not writing about Tesla

Carolyn Fortuna is a writer and researcher with a Ph.D. in education from the University of Rhode Island. She brings a social justice perspective to environmental issues. Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Google+

"Grant Gerke wears his Model S on his sleeve and has been writing about Tesla for the last five years on numerous media sites. He has a bias towards plug-in vehicles and also writes about manufacturing software for Automation World magazine in Chicago. Find him at Teslarati

"I'm Electric Jen

My real name is Dacia (pronounced "Day-sha", although I answer to pretty much any variation thereof), and I'm here to talk Elon Musk and space travel. | I envision a world wherein all citizens of Earth have the opportunity to be a part of moving humanity forward into the final frontier. Some call it "citizen science"; I call it the democratization of space exploration. So that's my angle. | Thus, I write, I plan, and I build. Visit me at AstroJane.com to see more of what I'm talking about. Follow me on Twitter (@princessdeixa) for general amusement, conversation, or mean tweets if you were a playground bully in another life. | P.S. I'm pretty disappointed that the hashtag #teamElon isn't really a "thing" yet, so I've added it to my bucket list. Help me out, will you?

Christian Prenzler is a student at the University of Denver. He has had a deep passion for Tesla and renewable energy for over 5 years and enjoys writing, researching, and investing.

I have a passion for all that is clean, green, responsible and logical. Because of this, I am a big Tesla enthusiast and future owner.

I'm passionate about clean technology, sustainability and life. I've working in manufacturing, IT, project management and environmental...and enjoy unpacking complex topics in approachable articles. TSLA investor. Find more of my words on my website and CleanTechnica...or follow me on Twitter for all the latest.

Owner of Off The Throttle. Writes about cars for Forbes, Yahoo Autos, Business Insider, more. Slightly colorblind.

EVE For Tesla is designed from the ground up to create a premier dashboard experience for your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, and the soon to be launched Tesla Model 3. Personalize your dashboard with up to four apps displayed at once. EVE For Tesla connects you to information on weather, stocks, news, and more on a single screen that is designed for optimal viewing and interaction as part of a complete connected car experience.

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