Tesla’s non-invasive ventilator donations are becoming invaluable in battle against virus

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently revealed the rationale behind his efforts at providing numerous non-invasive ventilators to hospitals. The recommendation, which suggested the use of of CPAP and BiPAP ventilators, came from doctors in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Musk was tagged in a tweet from a follower who cited findings which concluded that invasive ventilators should not be used immediately for treatment of COVID-19 patients. StatNews reported that oxygen is the first option, and if it proves to be ineffective, CPAP or BiPAP machines are the next recommended step.

The follower ended their tweet by clarifying what the CPAP and BiPAP were, stating, “You know the ones that @elonmusk gave out, and got attacked for doing so.”

Musk then cited his conversation with physicians in Wuhan. “When I talked to doctors in Wuhan, they recommended against invasive ventilators & in favor of non-invasive,” he replied. “Numbers I was told from Wuhan were 80% to 90% mortality rate for invasive ventilators. Those are not good odds.”

Musk’s machines have captured the attention of both supporters and critics of the Tesla CEO. His supporters his generosity, while his critics picked apart his donations, stating the machines were useless and a publicity stunt for some free PR.

However, Musk’s donations were not a ploy for attention, nor were they the wrong machines. As it turned out, his contributions had to do with a conversation with doctors who were working in the heart of the pandemic, who recommended smaller and less invasive ventilators for patients.

In addition to the Wuhan doctors stating that less-invasive options were proving to be more beneficial, Musk and Tesla were also in close communication with each of the more than 50 hospitals that received the non-invasive machines. This step ensured that the hospitals receiving ventilators knew exactly what they were getting, and they were not at all caught off guard by the non-invasive nature of the machines.


Musk has taken steps to help assist the fight against the coronavirus. After purchasing 1,200 ventilators from China and donating them directly to the City of Los Angeles, Musk made it clear that Tesla would be willing to give additional machines to hospitals in need. The company is offering worldwide shipping of ventilators to hospitals in need within its delivery areas. So far, hospitals across the United States and even some from abroad have received donations.

Tesla has also managed to begin developing in-house ventilators, which are built with the company’s car parts.

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