Model X Falcon Wing Doors May Attract Model 3 Buyers

During Tesla’s most recent Q4 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk suggested that the Model X was perhaps a bit over engineered. “We put too many new features and technology — too many great things all at once into a product,” he said. It’s been widely reported that the complex design of the falcon wing door may have led to the delay of the Model X.

In retrospect, Musk admitted the company should have introduced all of the advanced technological features of the vehicle over time instead of releasing it all at once. After all, that’s the same philosophy Tesla had when it launched the Model S. The award winning electric sedan saw a combination of hardware and software updates, including the obvious dual motor and Autopilot suite of features, over the course of 2 years.


The unique dual-hinged Model X falcon wing doors are no doubt an instant crowd pleaser wherever it goes. An array of sensors allows each independently operated door to detect distance between the vehicle’s roofline and neighboring obstacles. The end result is a door that has amazing range of motion and extreme wow factor.

Financial analyst Daniel Sparks of The Motley Fool says those doors could prove to have tremendous appeal for shoppers considering the new Model 3. Just as the Corvette is the halo car for everything Chevrolet builds, the Model X sends out powerful vibrations that excite and enthrall potential customers for other Tesla products.

“The Model X is an obvious crowd generator and I believe the flashy falcon wing doors, auto presenting front doors, massive windshield, and all the factors Musk may refer to as ‘over engineered’ will serve a critical role in at least doubling foot traffic to Tesla stores when the SUV finally makes it to Tesla’s high foot-traffic retail locations. Before the Model 3 unveil, this wouldn’t have mattered. But with the Model 3 soon available for pre-order, Tesla will be able to convert foot traffic into orders,” says Sparks.

It may be just a serendipitous occurrence, but by the time the Model 3 is unveiled in Tesla stores, there may very well be a Model X on the showroom floor. For a company that studiously avoids all forms of advertising, product placements, and paid endorsements, the aura the Model X creates may be all that is needed to prompt a tidal wave of reservations for the Model 3.

Source: Daniel Sparks via The Motley Fool
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