Rivian R1 software update 2023.34.0 features speed options, range improvements & more

Rivian software update 2023.34.0 is rolling out to R1 owners.

Rivian will send the latest software update out in batches. R1T and R1S vehicle owners will receive a notification from the Rivian app once update 2023.43.0 is available. 

Version 2023.34.0 introduces new Set Speed preferences, a new drive mode feature, and more. Details on Rivian’s latest software update are discussed below. 

New Set Speed Options

Rivian rolled out two new set speed options for Rivian’s highway assist (HWA) and adaptive cruise control (ACC). 

  • Speed Limit – Sets the speed to the detected speed limit for the road (new default)
  • Current Speed – Sets the speed to the current vehicle speed at the time of engagement

Rivian’s note for Speed Limit: “When Speed Limit is the set preference, and you engage ACC or HWA, the vehicle selects either your current speed or the detected speed limit, whichever is higher. After engagement, to update the set speed to the detected speed limit, push the drive stalk all the way down for 0.5 seconds and then release.”

New Drive Mode Feature

Rivian also rolled out a new drive mode feature. With software update version 2023.34.0, R1T and R1S owners can select a drive mode using the “Plan a trip” option under Trip Preferences. With the new feature, Rivian R1 vehicles will calculate the range and charging stops drivers need to take for the trip with the selected drive mode in mind. 

Additional Rivian R1T and R1S Improvements

  • Improved range loss by more than 25% during sleep when the R1 vehicle is home, and Gear Guard is set to Off at Home or when Gear Guard is disabled. 
  • Driver+ now generates a preemptive warning when a reduction in lane line visibility prevents Highway Assist from sustaining performance.
  • R1 owners will be notified when their vehicles detect a 12 V battery issue. 

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