SpaceX has sent 6,000 Starlink satellites to orbit with latest Falcon 9 launch

SpaceX added 23 more Starlink satellites to its growing constellation following the impressive 3rd test flight of Starship just a few days ago.

Launching at 8:21 pm ET from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a Falcon 9 placed another batch of Starlink satellites into orbit. This launch occurred after 2 previous attempts, which resulted in scrubs as the countdown hit near t – 2 minutes. SpaceX said teams would take a look at the transporter erector’s cradle arms and make repairs.

The 23 satellites were launched on a South Easterly trajectory into a 43-degree orbital inclination. This batch, dubbed Group 6-44, will now undergo checkouts while on orbit and begin raising themselves to their operational orbits over the next few months.

This was SpaceX’s 25th mission of the year so far, with 15 of those being dedicated Starlink launches.

With this launch, SpaceX has now sent 6,011 Starlinks to orbit, with 5,614 still being in orbit and 5,131 in their operational orbit, according to Jonathan McDowell’s Starlink tracking site. Of those satellites, 1,967 are the Gen 2 mini Starlink satellites apart of Groups 5, 6, and 7, with some of those still moving to their operational orbit.

The Falcon 9 that sent this most recent group of Starlink satellites to orbit was Booster 1062, which was launched 45 days ago. This was also a Starlink mission, and it has become the norm for SpaceX to use its veteran boosters to launch Starlink satellites.

The booster successfully landed on the droneship ‘A Shortfall of Gravitas’ about eight and a half minutes following lift-off.

B1062 has now flown 19 times and is tied as a flight leader with B1061. B1062 has sent 528 various payloads and 8 humans safely to orbit.

SpaceX’s next project is another batch of Starlink satellites, this time from California no earlier than March 18th.

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