SpaceX completes another middle-of-the-night Starlink mission

SpaceX launched another batch of 23 Starlink satellites to orbit very early this morning.

The launch was originally meant to launch at 12:04 am ET but was shifted a couple of times due to unknown reasons until settling on a launch time of 1:40 am ET.

As the Falcon 9 took to the skies, it created a mini sunrise over the Space Coast for anyone who was still awake and outside to watch the Falcon 9 rise into the air.

This mission, Starlink Group 6-48, was launched to the South East and into a 43-degree orbital inclination, the same as prior Group 6 missions. There are a limited number of these Group 6 batches left before SpaceX starts launching the Group 7 shell from Florida as California transitions to the Group 8 shell missions.

The Falcon 9 that launched this mission was Booster 1083, which was only its 2nd flight. B1083 previously launched the Crew 8 mission just 37 days ago. The booster made a smooth landing on the droneship ‘Just Read the Instructions’ about eight and a half minutes following lift-off just East of the Bahamas.

SpaceX, as usual, will also attempt to recover the fairings to use on future missions. Each fairing costs ~$3 million and represents a significant savings when they are able to be re-used.

This was the 36th mission of the year for SpaceX and already the 5th launch of the month.

The company’s sixth launch of the month is set for this Thursday at 5:00 a.m. PT. The launch will take place from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California and will launch the WSF-M (Weather System Follow-on – Microwave) for the Department of Defense.

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Richard Angle: Launch journalist, specializing in launch photography. Based on the Space Coast, a short drive from Cape Canaveral and the SpaceX launch pads.
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