SpaceX conducts a successful static fire of Starship

SpaceX is moving rapidly with the Starship program. They have now conducted the first static fire of the Starship, which will be flying the fifth mission.

Firing all 6 Raptor engines, Starship 30 began its test campaign. The company is waiting for approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct the fourth flight of Starship, potentially in a month or so.

The 6 engines, 3 sea-level Raptors, and 3 vacuum Raptors roared to life for ~4 seconds before shutting down. This could be the last Starship static fire to occur at the launch site after SpaceX added a new flame trench and mobile test stand at its Massey’s test site down the road from the production site.

If Flight 4 goes according to plan, Starship 30, paired with Super Heavy Booster 12 could fly within a month if given a fast approval by the FAA and the launch site is ready. Booster 12 has already undergone 2 cryo-proof tests.

Elsewhere around Starbase, SpaceX is continuing to test the launch mount, most recently testing the speed of the chopstick arms that will eventually be used to catch the Super Heavy Booster. The most recent test was the fastest they have closed yet, but it does seem like they will make further improvements to ensure a safe catch.

SpaceX has also conducted 2 cryo-proof tests on Super Heavy Booster 13, adding yet another vehicle waiting its turn to take to the skies.

As the month progresses, we should see Super Heavy Booster 11 and Starship 29 move back to the launch site to be stacked and undergo a wet dress rehearsal. If that goes smoothly, SpaceX will only be waiting for the launch approval from the FAA.

When do you think Flight 4 will take place and will it accomplish it more than the 3rd flight?

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