SpaceX prepares for a trio of Falcon 9 launches to close out March

SpaceX could launch two batches of Starlinks and a telecommunications satellite this weekend to cap an incredibly busy month.

The company has already completed 11 launches this month, including the 3rd flight test of Starship, an incredible pace of developing the world’s most powerful rocket and safely launching flight-proven Falcon 9 rockets at the same time.

The first launch could come as soon as 7:30 pm PT this evening from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California where 22 Starlink satellites are awaiting launch, these are a part of the Group 7 Starlink shell. SpaceX had originally targeted last night but decided to stand down for reasons unknown. Booster 1071 will be tasked with that launch, its fifteenth.

The next 2 launches could be back-to-back flights from Launch Complex-39A and Space Launch Complex-40 on Saturday evening.

The first launch, which is currently scheduled for 5:52 pm ET, will be the Eutelsat 36D telecommunications satellite launch from LC-39A to a geostationary transfer orbit.

Eutelsat 36D, built by Airbus, will be replacing Eutelsat 36B at 36° East where it will provide over 1100 broadcast channels and other connectivity across Africa, Russia, and Europe. The satellite features 70 Ku-band transponders to enable constant data flow to the ground. The satellite is expected to have an operational lifetime of 15 years.

The 2nd launch of the evening could come just a few hours later from SLC-40 when 23 Starlink satellites will be waiting for their ride to space. This will be another batch for the Group 6 Starlink shell and will launch to the South East. This launch is currently planned for 9:00 pm ET.

As of this time, SpaceX has yet to confirm which Falcon 9 rockets will launch these two missions, but both will feature droneship landings. Both drone ships recently returned to Port Canaveral after bringing two other Falcon 9 rockets back from their missions and returned to sea almost immediately to get into position for these launches.

If SpaceX is able to accomplish this trio of launches, there will be 14 missions in one month, and they look to keep up a high cadence in 2024.

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Richard Angle: Launch journalist, specializing in launch photography. Based on the Space Coast, a short drive from Cape Canaveral and the SpaceX launch pads.
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