SpaceX sends another 23 Starlink satellites to orbit

SpaceX launched another 23 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on Monday.

This batch of Starlinks, Group 6-57, was launched to the Southeast and into a 43-degree orbital inclination. The satellites deployed just over an hour after lift-off.

In a change of pace, this was a relatively early launch for SpaceX, 2:14 pm ET, which had been launching the Group 6 Starlink missions in the middle of the night from Florida because of orbital mechanics, and the next few Florida Starlink missions will also follow the same pattern as the missions shift from mid-day to early morning and eventually back to the middle of the night.

Following this successful launch and another Starlink mission last Thursday, SpaceX has now sent 6.350 Starlink satellites to space, with 5,233 being active. Of those 5,233, 1,803 are the 2nd generation mini Starlink satellites. The most recent batches are still undergoing checkouts as they move into their operational orbits, and when they don’t pass, SpaceX will either intentionally de-orbit them or let atmospheric drag bring them back down as they always launch into a lower orbit to lower chances of potential space debris.

The Falcon 9 that launched this mission was a veteran Falcon 9, and Booster 1069 made its 15th flight to space and back. B1069 landed just over 8 minutes after lift-off on the droneship ‘Just Read the Instructions.’

Due to the favorable launch time, camera views from B1069 and the upper stage provided beautiful views of the Bahamas, a country that SpaceX recently came to an agreement with to land Falcon 9 boosters within the country’s waters, which will be clearly visible to any tourist who happens to be visiting the country at the time.

SpaceX is next with another set of back-to-back launches of Starlink satellites. First, 23 Starlinks will be launched from Florida no earlier than 2:42 pm ET (the end of that specific launch window), followed by 20 Starlink satellites launched from California no earlier than 7:48 pm PT.

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Richard Angle: Launch journalist, specializing in launch photography. Based on the Space Coast, a short drive from Cape Canaveral and the SpaceX launch pads.
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