Tesla China owners drove total of 434.9 million miles during Chinese New Year holiday

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

One of the best things about Teslas is the fact that they are great vehicles for long trips. They may not be able to fuel up as quickly as a comparable combustion-powered car, but their robust suite of entertainment and safety features, superior performance, and cost-effective nature means that long trips in a Tesla are generally comfortable. 

And as per Tesla China in a post on local social media, Tesla drivers traveled a lot during the Chinese New Year holiday. In a week-long period between February 10th and 17th, Tesla owners in the country collectively traveled over 700 million kilometers (almost 435 million miles).

That’s a distance equivalent to circling the Earth 18,346 times. It is also comparable to the distance of seven round trips between the Earth and Mars. Considering the all-electric nature of Tesla’s electric cars, the miles traveled by China’s EV owners were also emissions-free. 

As noted by Tesla, the cumulative distance traveled by its owners during the Chinese New Year holiday translated to a CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 160,000 tons, comparable to approximately 9.39 million trees planted, as noted in a CNEV Post report.

A closer look at Tesla China’s report reveals that EV owners were quite active during the holiday. As per the EV maker, hundreds of Tesla drivers recorded daily averages that exceeded 500 kilometers (310 miles) of travel. This achievement does not only underscore the long-range capabilities of Tesla’s electric cars. It also highlights the convenience and reliability of Tesla’s Supercharger Network.

Tesla boasts an extensive network encompassing over 1,900 Supercharger stations with over 11,000 individual chargers across mainland China. The company also has over 700 destination charging stations that offer an additional 2,000 charging piles. 

To further incentivize driving, Tesla China is offering a limited-time promotion for its customers until March 31. Participating owners can use Superchargers for a chance to win a one-year free Supercharging offer that’s valid for up to 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles). 

Tesla China’s travel report for the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday can be viewed below. An English translation to the report is posted below the document’s original version.

Tesla China New Year Report by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

Tesla China New Year Report English by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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