Tesla Cybertruck Armor Glass windows resist break-in attempt

Credit: @MinimalDuck/X

As it turns out, the Tesla Cybertruck is really quite a tough vehicle. This is true for the Cybertruck’s steel panels and its Armor Glass windows, which, as per a video that was recently shared online, happens to be strong enough to deter thieves. 

As shared by Tesla owner and content creator Arash Malek in a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, his friend’s Cybertruck recently became the victim of an attempted break-in. Sentry Mode footage of the incident showed a man jumping out of a car and attempting to smash the Cybertruck’s windows — to no avail. 

This was quite impressive considering that the would-be thief seemed to be using a tool as he was attempting to break into the Cybertruck. Eventually, the would-be thief appeared to have gotten frustrated as he jumped on top of the Cybertruck and seemingly tried to break the vehicle’s glass roof. As chance would have it, the Cybertruck’s glass held up well against the assault as well. 

Photos of the attempted Cybertruck break-in show that several of the all-electric pickup truck’s Armor Glass windows had been scratched and cracked by the would-be thief. The same was true for the Cybertruck’s glass roof, which ended up with a crack due to the incident. Despite these damages, however, the Cybertruck’s Armor Glass did not shatter. 

The incident caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who noted in a post on X that the Cybertruck is “the finest in apocalypse defense technology.” Musk has echoed this statement in the past, particularly when he is promoting the Cybertruck’s tough characteristics. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with Armor Glass windows, which are designed to be shatter-resistant and durable enough to survive Class 4 hail. Tesla also noted that the Cybertruck’s Armor Glass panels help the vehicle keep its cabin quiet, a feature that has been widely praised by owners and reviewers alike. Interestingly enough, the Cybertruck’s Armor Glass windows also became the source of memes and jokes after its steel ball durability demonstration in 2019 resulted in the Cybertruck’s windows being cracked. 

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