Tesla’s Elon Musk confirms novel Cybertruck camping feature

Credit: Tesla

Initial reviews of the Cybertruck confirm that Tesla has equipped the vehicle with the best tech and features that the company could muster. The Cybertruck does not look like anything on the road, but as Hagerty‘s Jason Cammisa noted in his review of the all-electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck’s appearance is actually the least radical part of the vehicle. 

During the Cybertruck’s first delivery event, Tesla showed videos of the all-electric pickup truck taking on pretty much every terrain imaginable. Tesla’s website also went live with several accessories for the Cybertruck, including Basecamp, a $2,975 collapsible tent that could be inflated in minutes. 

But since the Cybertruck is an off-road-capable vehicle, some EV enthusiasts were keen to find out if the all-electric pickup truck includes dedicated camping features. Some campers, after all, would likely park the Cybertruck on uneven ground, so some wondered if the vehicle could level itself so those who would be sleeping on it could have a comfortable rest. 

Fortunately, it appears that Tesla will release such a feature for the vehicle. In response to a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Elon Musk confirmed that, yes, the Cybertruck would independently adjust its suspension to level the vehicle for optimal camping use. Such a feature, similar to other functions, will likely be rolled out by Tesla through an over-the-air software update when it is ready.

Every Tesla that has been released thus far has been a great vehicle for camping. The original Model S from over ten years ago made fans out of drivers as it proved to be a vehicle that could comfortably fit a twin mattress at the back. Even the Model 3, Tesla’s smallest vehicle in its lineup today, is a decent camper. With this in mind, it is quite unsurprising to see that Tesla is working hard to ensure that the Cybertruck would be its best vehicle for camping yet. 

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