Tesla Giga Berlin to produce Semi Truck

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During his brief visit to Tesla Giga Berlin, Elon Musk teased plans to produce the Semi truck in Germany for the European market. The Tesla CEO visited Giga Berlin after the factory and its employees endured an arson attack, which resulted in a production halt.

Based on a Handelsblatt recording, Elon Musk said during his visit to Giga Berlin: “I think it makes sense to produce the Semi truck in Europe at Giga Berlin.” 

The production of the Tesla Semi at Giga Berlin hints that Musk is committed to the company’s expansion plans for the European factory despite heavy opposition from Grünheide locals. According to its expansion plans, Giga Berlin aims to build another facility to increase the factory’s production capacity from 500,000 units to 1 million units annually. While the Tesla Semi would contribute marginally to Giga Berlin’s 1 million unit goal, it is a step in the right direction.

According to an ING report dated December 2023, truck manufacturers are encouraged to decarbonize their fleet. While some Class-8 automakers have turned to alternative fuels, others have turned to electric trucks. 

“The composition of European truck sales is set to change significantly over the next ten years. European truck manufacturers are being pushed to decarbonize quickly. They have to abide by CO2 reduction targets of 15% (by 2025) and 30% by 2030 compared to the 2019-20 baseline. This has already prompted a drive in the production of electric trucks,’ stated ING.

Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy confirmed four months ago that the Tesla Semi fleet has grown to nearly 100 units. Morvay shared that Tesla has been working with PepsiCo, which is actively using Semis for delivery, to understand the durability of the electric Class-8 trucks. The data PepsiCo is offering Tesla is integral to the Semis volume production set to start this year.

The Tesla Semi has already proven its mettle in real-world tests at the Run on Less event. Tesla’s all-electric Class-8 truck dominated its opponents, demonstrating range, charging efficiency, and performance advantages. 

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