Tesla Giga Berlin gets a complaint from the local water association

(Credit: Henry Hu | X)

The Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE), which supplies water to Tesla Giga Berlin, complained about the factory’s wastewater. 

According to a DPA document, the local water association has submitted several requests and warnings about Tesla exceeding its wastewater limits. WSE stated that all of its attempts were unsuccessful. It added that Tesla has not offered a solution to the issue or addressed it. 

The Strausberg-Erkner Water Association explained that Tesla’s factory has exceeded its limits for refractory phosphorus and total nitrogen. WSE plans to discuss the matter with Tesla Giga Factory’s wastewater issue during a meeting next month. 

Tesla has indicated that it hasn’t been informed about the meeting in March. Regarding Giga Berlin’s wastewater, Tesla states it has facilities for treating industrial wastewater. 

“Wastewater is still produced from the operation of sanitary facilities and kitchens. With the elimination of industrial wastewater, the wastewater discharged from the [Giga Berlin] is composed like typical municipal wastewater.”

During the meeting, the water association will discuss whether or not it will discontinue wastewater disposal services for Giga Berlin. WSE shared that it could face increasing costs up to millions of euros if it continued wastewater services for Giga Berlin and Tesla continued to exceed limits. The water association could also be banned from the Münchehofe wastewater treatment plant for Tesla’s wastewater exceeding limits.

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