Tesla India might still get lowered import taxes

The Indian government is reportedly finalizing a new import tax policy that might encourage Tesla and other foreign electric automakers to invest in India.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Indian government is thinking of offering lowered import taxes to freight electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. The tax incentive will be available to EV automakers for 2-3 years. 

India has strict and specific rules on imported vehicles. It has a 60% import duty on vehicles below $40,000 and a 100% rate on cars above $40,000. Tesla proposed to reduce import duties to 40% for its vehicles assembled outside India. The pair have not been able to reach a compromise. 

The new import tax policy is India’s way of incentivizing investments. Last year, Tesla allegedly planned to invest about $2 billion in a new plant in India. The US-based EV maker reportedly had additional plans to buy $15 billion worth of auto parts in India and possibly even produce batteries there.

Tesla’s investment likely hinges on India’s new import tax policy. The new policy isn’t just for Tesla either. Officials in the Indian government have stated that Tesla will not get a separate policy

The Indian government has extensively discussed it in the last few months and has yet to finalize it. The policy attempts to straddle the line between encouraging foreign investments in India’s EV industry while maintaining an even playing field for local EV manufacturers. 

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