Watch this Tesla Model X SUV out drag race a $530k Lamborghini supercar and set a world record

Despite the countless Tesla drag racing videos we’ve seen, the latest one from DragTimes showing a Model X SUV take on a $530k limited-production Lamborghini SV has got to be one of the more gratifying races we’ve seen. Even more so than watching this Porsche go on a wild spinout after attempting to chase down a Ludicrous Model S.

Weighing in at roughly 5,400 pounds (as heavy as some full-size pickup trucks), one might think that a Tesla Model X P100D crossover SUV isn’t the most nimble vehicle by any stretch of the imagination. Au contraire, it certainly is.

The drag racing video posted to YouTube by DragTimes shows a Lamborghini Aventador SV, with 750 horsepower and 1,200 pounds lighter than the Model X, struggle to keep up with the heavyset all-electric SUV. DragTimes notes that the Model X P100D with 100 kWh battery and Ludicrous+ enabled had a 73% state of charge at the beginning of the race.

The Tesla Model X not only out accelerated the Lambo, but also set a world record for world’s quickest SUV with a 1/4 mile time of 11.418 seconds at 117.95 mph. By comparison, the all-wheel drive Aventador SV crossed the 1/4 mile finish line .05 seconds behind the Model X but with a slightly quicker time of 11.281 seconds at 129.38 mph.

Watch as the two heavyweight hitters do battle at Palm Beach International Raceway.

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