Tesla holds nearly 50% market share in Norway

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla holds nearly 50% market share in Norway this month, thanks to stellar Model Y sales in March. The American electric car maker has been dominating Norway’s EV sales for quite some time and hit a new milestone this year. 

Based on figures from the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV), Tesla set a new sales record in March. As of March 26, Tesla sold approximately 5,639 Model Y units in Norway, beating its last sales record of 5,315 Model 3 units in March 2019. 

Tesla sold 5,993 new vehicles in March, beating its last monthly sales record of 5,822 units set in March 2019. However, a few days remain left in the month. 

So far in 2023, the Tesla brand reigns supreme among passenger car sales in Norway. The company sold 7,565 units between January and March 26. Volkswagen comes in second place with 3,072 units sold since the beginning of the year. The Model Y tops car passenger sales with 6,911 units sold in the year as of March 26. 

BilNytt.no calculated that Tesla currently holds approximately 46.4% market share in Norway in March. Based on statistics between January and March 26, Tesla holds a 34.1% market share in Norway, up from 12.2% in 2022.

Tesla’s March sales numbers are heavily attributed to its shocking price drop. The American car manufacturer lowered the price of the Model Y to NOK120,000 ($11,569.98), which resonated with consumers.

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