Tesla Robotaxi concept shown in new Musk biography

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently noted on X, formerly Twitter, that while the upcoming $25,000 car and the Robotaxi would not necessarily be Cybertruck-inspired, the driverless vehicle would “look like the future.” A concept image of Tesla’s dedicated Robotaxi included in Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk biography suggests that this may indeed be the case. 

As Tesla watchers eagerly awaited the release of Isaacson’s book, a page from the Musk biography was shared online. The page seemed to represent the start of a chapter that’s dedicated to the upcoming driverless vehicle, and it also included two photos. One photo showed Tesla’s core executives, and another featured a concept. 

The vehicle is, as one could describe it, undoubtedly futuristic. It is also nothing like anything that Tesla has launched so far. Described as a “Robotaxi Concept,” the illustration featured two seats, no steering wheels, and no pedals. The vehicle also had butterfly doors, as well as what seemed to be a three-wheel setup. 

Interestingly enough, such a vehicle was also teased during a CBS interview with Isaacson. The interview featured some B-roll footage and photos, including an image of Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Honzhausen standing before a wood model of a vehicle. Just like the Robotaxi concept on the Musk biography’s page, the wood model featured two seats, no steering wheels or pedals, and some cargo space that’s enough for some luggage. 

Behind the wood model were two posters that seemed to represent the vehicle. The image was not clear, but it seemed like they were showing two variants of the futuristic car — one with three wheels and another with four wheels. If the Robotaxi is indeed designed for high volume and low-cost production, then it would not be too farfetched if Tesla produces two variants of the vehicle. In such a scenario, a three-wheel Robotaxi may be perfect for one or two passengers, and a four-wheel variant could be designed for groups of three to five. 

As noted by battery enthusiast and tech veteran Jordan Giesige of YouTube’s The Limiting Factor channel, a small, two-seat Robotaxi would actually be useful since most ride-hailing trips only involve one or two people. That being said, Tesla enthusiasts should probably take the Robotaxi concept image in Isaacson’s Musk biography with a grain of salt. After all, it does seem unlikely that Tesla will share the design of a yet-to-be-released vehicle before it is formally unveiled. 

Walter Isaacson’s CBS interview can be viewed below.

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