Tesla Semi has shipped over 20k battery packs out of Giga Nevada

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The Tesla Semi has been proving itself in real-world situations, with the company’s fleet of all-electric Class 8 trucks transporting over 20,000 battery packs from Gigafactory Nevada to the Fremont Factory. The update was shared by Tesla Senior Manager for Semi Truck Engineering Dan Priestley, who recently provided some insights on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Phase 3 rules. 

The EPA recently announced a final rule, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles – Phase 3.” As stated by the agency on its official website, the rule sets stronger standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles beginning in model year 2027. Vehicles covered by the new standards include large trucks like day cabs and sleeper units. 

The EPA’s Phase 3 rules were praised by Priestley, who noted that the Tesla Semi has been proving that all-electric trucks can run the same route and carry the same load as diesel trucks at a significantly lower operating cost. Priestley added that Tesla’s fleet of Semi units have transported over 20,000 battery packs from Giga Nevada to the Fremont Factory. The executive also noted that he believes full market adoption of all-electric trucks like the Tesla Semi might happen faster than expected. 

“Every day, the Tesla Semi demonstrates that battery electric trucks can directly replace diesel trucks. With our own fleet of Semis, Tesla has shipped >20,000 battery packs out of Gigafactory Nevada to support Fremont vehicle builds. These trucks run the same route, carrying the same load (no load reduction for weight) as the diesel trucks running this route but at substantially lower operating cost. Now, it’s about scale.

“The EPA Phase 3 rules will help hasten the overall fleet transition to zero emissions and address the harmful particulate emissions and other pollutants from diesel trucks. In combination with the superior economics and experience that battery electric trucks provide, I expect full market adoption will occur faster than many think,” Priestley wrote in a post on X. 

Tesla Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development Rohan Patel also praised the EPA’s proposal. In a post on X, Patel noted that the pollution standards would help accelerate the electrification of the trucking industry. He also shared the same sentiments as Priestley by stating that the Tesla Semi is already proving on a daily basis that zero emissions trucks will dominate the market in the future. 

“Michael Regan is back at it again with a solid EPA proposal to address the significant public health impacts of air pollution from the heavy-duty trucking vehicle fleet. These pollution standards will help jumpstart electrification of the trucking industry. The Tesla Semi is proving on a daily basis that zero emission trucking will dominate in the near future. We are in the process of building a manufacturing facility at Giga Nevada to significantly increase production,” Patel noted. 

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