Tesla submits proposal for dealership and service center in Chicopee, MA

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Tesla’s dealership and service center proposal in Chicopee, Massachusetts received mixed reviews from the community. 

City officials said the proposed Tesla facility would be built on a 7.1-acre parcel of land. It would include a 50,000-square-foot dealership with a showroom and a 48-vehicle service area. Tesla’s proposal also included the installation of a charging station. According to local reports, the dealership is expected to create approximately 30 jobs and generate additional tax revenue for the city.

Some residents welcome the idea of having a Tesla dealership in the area. The residents, excited about the prospect of having a Tesla dealership in Chicopee, noted the convenience of having a local Tesla dealer and service center.

Some residents are concerned about the potential increase in traffic and noise pollution it could bring to the Chicopee community. According to Tesla’s traffic study, the proposed dealership would increase traffic by 1.1% to 1.5% during peak weekday hours. 

“On the overall basis, it’s really a minimal traffic impact on these locations,” noted Scott Thornton, the traffic engineer listed in Tesla’s dealership proposal. 

City Councilors are also concerned with the number of parking spaces Tesla plotted for the parcel of land. Tesla’s proposed dealership will have 400 parking spaces, which City Councilors think may be excessive. Councilor Derek Dobosz recommended restricting the land size Tesla’s dealership would receive. 

The proposal is currently under review by the Chicopee Planning Board, and a decision is expected in the coming months. The public is encouraged to attend upcoming meetings to voice their opinions on the proposed dealership.

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