Tesla sponsors sustainability project for church in Oakland

Credit: Allen Temple Baptist Church

Tesla sponsored a sustainability project for the Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California. The project required over 1,650 in person-hours to be completed. Additionally, the preparation, installation, and solar panels were valued at $720,000. The church noted that Tesla’s investment would yield more than $285,000 in electricity saving over the next ten years. This was Tesla’s first partnership in the nation to provide a church with solar panels.

“Tesla installed a new roof for our Family Life Center Gymnasium wing, solar panels, and power wall! It is our prayer that this large-scale project will encourage other churches to install clean and sustainable energy on their campus and continue the battle for environmental justice.”

“Our deepest thanks to Rob McCafferty, Zach Hill and the Tesla team, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Assemblymember Mia Bonta for providing gracious proclamations, and especially to our Trustees Ministry, Buildings & Grounds Committee, and Trustee Leonard Medley, who shepherded the project,” Allen Temple said on its Facebook page.

On January 15, Allen Temple held a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new energy storage project at its Family Life Center in Oakland, California. The project, in partnership with Tesla, was completed on December 21, 2022.

The church said in a press release that Tesla’s sponsorship of the sustainability project would help it serve the community. These savings will enable it to direct more of its resources to community support and outreach. During power outages within its community, the Family Live Center will be continuously operational as a space for residents to receive services and support.

Reverand. Dr. Jacqueline A. Thompson, who serves as Senior Pastor, spoke of the lack of equitable access to clean air, water, healthy food options, and clean energy for the Flatland communities in East Oakland.

“At the heart of the issue is access. Equitable access to clean air, clean water, healthy food options, and clean energy. But there is a growing movement in California and nationwide to provide this access in overlooked and underserved communities. Dr. Ambrose Carroll and Green The Church have stood at the intersection of the Black Church and this movement creating critical connections that promote sustainability,” she said.

“Tesla’s willingness to commit their time, talent, resources, and technology to projects in the community reflects the power and potential of business and faith-based partnerships. When equity and justice for all is the goal, we all win. I am thankful for the leadership and support of our Trustee Ministry in making this vision a reality. May this be the first of many.” she added.

Reverand Dr. Ambrose Carroll, the Founder and CEO of Green The Church thanked Tesla for its involvement in the community.

“We are thankful to see our friends at Tesla involved in work that empowers the community. Through this partnership with Allen Temple, Tesla has shown its desire to ensure that in the Bay Area, when it comes to clean tech, they want all boats to rise as the clean energy sector thrives. This project brings Allen Temple one step closer to being a ‘Resilience Hub’ for its community.”

“When the neighborhood loses power due to fires, rain, storms, floods, or earthquakes, this faith community can be ready to provide food, shelter, and health aid, all of which are standards for resilience. Gentrification and marginalization have drastically affected Deep East Oakland for a long time. The black community owns many faith buildings, some of which are storefronts and others great Cathedrals, and all these buildings across the country need retrofitting. Many, like Allen Temple, can and will become Resilience Hubs!”

Tesla’s Senior Global Director of Public Policy, Rohan Patel, said that he was proud of the Tesla partnership with Allen Temple and thanked Green The Church for helping it to make it happen.

You can view the photos from the ribbon-cutting ceremony in the gallery below.

Credit: Allen Temple Baptist Church
Credit: Allen Temple Baptist Church
Credit: Allen Temple Baptist Church

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.  

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