IF Metall dissuading major companies from Tesla Sweden purchases

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IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden is dissuading a few large Swedish companies from purchasing Tesla cars. Swedish outlets speculate that the big companies cutting back on Tesla purchases might hit the car company harder than IF Metall’s moves against the US manufacturer. 

Skanska and ABB are two of the most prominent companies that have decided to halt Tesla purchases. ABB is a leading tech company focused on various categories, including electrification, robotics & discrete automation, process automation, and motion infrastructure. 

Meanwhile, Skanska is the largest construction and property development group in Sweden. It has projects in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Skanska has 400 Tesla “benefit” cars and has decided not to buy more. 

One of the main reasons companies like Skanska and ABB have decided to stop purchasing Tesla is IF Metall’s blockade on the car company’s workshops in Sweden. IF Metall’s strike against Tesla has made car repairs difficult in Sweden. Big companies are also waiting to see how Tesla and IF Metall’s face-off will affect the residual value of the company’s cars. 

IF Metall’s strike started in October 2023, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Tesla isn’t making any moves toward signing a collective agreement, negotiating with IF Metall, or coming up with a compromise with the union. The Swedish union doesn’t seem prepared to give up on its strike either, despite very few Tesla employees joining its efforts.

The issue between IF Metall and Tesla has started to affect workers in companies with active collective agreements. IF Metall’s measures to force Tesla into signing a collective agreement are now affecting more than the Elon Musk-led company.

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