Uber offers discounted Kia EVs to drivers in Europe

(Credit: Kia)

Uber is offering discounted Kia electric vehicles (EVs) to European drivers to reach zero-emission mobility in the EU by 2030. 

The ride-hailing service hopes the Kia EV discounts will encourage Uber drivers to upgrade to electric vehicles. Uber also partners with Hyundai and Nissan on its zero-emission goals for Europe.

“We’re proud to be working with Kia to make sure drivers across Europe have access to best-in-class electric vehicles at an affordable price. Zero-emissions mobility is more than just an aim for us – it’s a necessity. 

“As Europe continues to reopen, we are committed to playing our part in cleaning up urban transport, so this partnership is crucial in our efforts to advance the electrification of our platform across Europe by 2030,” said Anabel Diaz, Uber’s Regional General Manager for EMEA. 

Uber estimates that its partnership with Kia could result in 30,000 European drivers switching to electric vehicles. The Kia tie-up includes electric vehicles like the e-Niro and the e-Soul. The ride-hailing company has an interim goal of having over 100,000 EVs in its European fleet by 2025. 

Uber’s Kia EV discounts will be offered in at least 20 European markets. 

In London, Uber is offering a £5,000 grant through its Clean Air Plan. The ride-hailing service is also offering an additional discount of between £12,000 to £17,000 on select Kia models with the Power-Up grant.

“Now is the time to speed up on electrification, not slow down. We cannot reach our collective zero-emission goals without continued action from policymakers and investment across the industry.

“Uber drivers can be the catalyst for accelerating electrification across the transport sector but collaboration will be crucial to combat air pollution and work towards a more sustainable future,” said Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber in the UK.

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