BYD’s all-electric M6 MPV spotted in the wild

(Credit: Tycho de Feijter)

BYD’s all-electric M6 MPV was spotted in the wild. According to local Chinese media, the new BYD M6 MPV is reminiscent of the BYD Song Max. 

The recent sighting revealed a the China-made MPV with “BYD M6” badges. The upcoming BYD MPV’s design takes a lot of inspiration for the Song Max, like its front grille and headlights. 

The BYD M6 photos hinted at a right-hand drive layout, meaning the MPV could be exported overseas to markets outside China. Most MPVS sell well in Southeast Asian countries, like the Philippines. 

BYD has been seeking ways to expand its presence in the global art market recently, specifically by launching eco-friendly vehicles in certain markets. The M6 MPV would be a good eco-friendly vehicle to launch in Southeast Asian countries. 

Closer to North America in Mexico, the Chinese automaker launched its new BYD Shark, a new-energy vehicle pickup truck. The BYD Shark is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle starting at $53,400. 

BYD’s global expansion has mixed reactions. Both Europe and North America have been closely monitors Chinese automakers and their impact on the local auto market. 

BYD announced its goal to dominate that European auto market and beat the likes of Volkswagen, Stellantis, and TeslaOn the other hand, the Chinese automaker stated it would stay out of the auto market in the United States. 

However, producing the Shark pickup truck in Mexico might be too close to home for the White House. The Biden Administration is considering penalties for Chinese automakers who are moving production to Mexico. 

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