Elon Musk reconsiders phone project after Apple Intelligence OpenAI integration

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When Elon Musk attended the New York Times DealBook Summit last November, he casually mentioned that if there is an essential need to make a phone, then he would be developing a phone. Considering Musk’s recent posts on X following Apple’s WWDC 2024 event, it would appear that the CEO is now pondering the idea of a smartphone project more seriously. 

To state that Musk was not happy with Apple’s integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT on some of its devices would be an understatement. In comments posted on X, Musk noted that if Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level, then the tech giant’s devices would be banned at his companies. “That is an unacceptable security violation,” Musk wrote. He echoed similar statements in a reply to Apple CEO Tim Cook

Musk’s strong reactions to Apple’s partnership with OpenAI incited quite a lot of conversations online, with some Tesla watchers noting that the CEO might now be considering a smartphone initiative more seriously. Musk’s activity on X suggested as much, especially when he responded quite positively to the idea of an X phone with an open-source OS and Starlink cellular capabilities. Musk noted that such an idea was “not out of the question.”

Musk also responded positively to Mike Benz, the Executive Director of the Foundation For Freedom Online, who lightly suggested that a Grok-enabled phone is needed. As with his previous posts about the topic, Musk noted that he would be considering a phone project if Apple really integrates OpenAI into its operating systems. “If Apple actually integrates woke nanny AI spyware into their OS, we might need to do that!” Musk noted. 

While Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook have maintained a cordial relationship over the years, with the Tesla CEO even touring Apple’s headquarters in November 2022, Musk has adopted a far more aggressive stance against OpenAI. Musk, who was among the biggest backers of OpenAI as a nonprofit entity in 2015 before walking away from the company in February 2018, has widely criticized ChatGPT over its alleged overly liberal biases.

Musk has also criticized OpenAI’s shift into a for-profit company. “OpenAI was created as an open source (which is why I named it ‘Open’ AI), non-profit company to serve as a counterweight to Google, but now it has become a closed source, maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft. Not what I intended at all,” Musk previously wrote on X.

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